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Take the guess work out of your content creation and show up every day with fresh, strategic and authentic content to grow your brand on social media.

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up to 64 posts per month 

social media content ideas and pre-written copy for social entrepreneurs with a stong personal brand

your personal 
social media calendar

Unlike other social media calendars, your weekly templates are generated "just for you" and tailored to your industry so you never have the same weekly content as another creator.

with, it's easy to reach more followers and sell on social media

every week you get 8 pre-written copy templates strategically crafted to increase your reach, engage your fans and sell your services or products without having to worry about what or how to write. 

"reach" templates

to reach new followers and attract new customers

"engage" templates

to establish yourself as an expert and build relationships with your audience

"sell" templates

that bring you qualified customers who want what you have to offer was designed for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their impact on social media

YES! I want 32 pre-written social media copy every month

content for multiple industries was designed for small business owners and designers in these industries

  • Beauticians 
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Real estate agents
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Fashion & Jewelry designers
  • Service providers
  • Teachers 
  • Spiritual wellbeing coaches
  • Graphic & Web designers
  • Psychologists & therapists
  • Beauticians 
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Real estate agents
  • Teachers 
  • Spiritual wellbeing coaches
  • Graphic & Web designers
  • Psychologists & therapists
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Fashion & Jewelry designers
  • Service providers

Save time !

Writing your social media copy has never been easier.

  1. Choose a template according to your daily goal
  2. Fill in the blanks
  3. Edit the text to give it your tone & personality
  4. Add #hashtags (optional)
  5. Copy and paste the text into your post
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More than just fill in the "________"


Every template is engineered to get you results and help you save time.

  1. Strategically written for either audience growth, engagement or sales
  2. Ideas for designs, photos or videos 
  3. Your product & market arguments are stored, so you don't have to re-write them every time. 
  4. Fill in the blank copy with instructions and examples
  5. Create re-usable #hashtag lists to save time

create content for different mediums

social media posts

engaging stories

reels or videos

because we want you to be able to share your brand story and connect with your customers wherever they are

📈 real world results

after two weeks, posting 4x per week, and following our customer-centric marketing strategy.

YES! I want 32 pre-written social media ideas + copy templates every month

What's included

  • upto 64 post ideas every month for your industry with pre-written copy every month to have 
  • a variety of fresh and impactful posts to expand your reach, engage with your fans and sell your services or products every week
  • interactive trainings on social selling, marketing, copywriting and mindset
  • unlimited products, markets, #hashtags and arguments
  • designs, photos or videos ideas with every template to save time
  • a library to store your testimonials, so you never waste time looking for them again
  • a free quote database
  • free content for special events and occasions (new year, valentine's, product launch, ...)
  • free monthly challenges to help you take action and learn new skills
  • access to the private facebook group to get feedback and meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • human support by chat


17$ / m

one field
32 posts / month

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27$ / m

two fields
64 posts / month

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Is this for you ?

We'd love to claim that is for everyone who wants to grow their brand on social media, but it's simply not true.

This is for you if you :

  • are a passionate social entrepreneur with a strong personal brand
  • are tired of wasting time racking your brains to come up with ideas for posts, stories or reels.
  • want to build a real connection with your followers and talk about more than just your products or services
  • curious, playful and willing to try new things
  • have some basic copywriting skills to adjust a template to your own voice
  • love the social aspect of social media

This is not for you if you :

  • are looking for a magic wand to do all the work for you
  • are stuck in your comfort zone
  • if you don't like social media 
  • are unwilling to be visible and share authentically
  • think people should buy from you without having to do any work to gain their trust.
  • haven't set the foundation for your business and don't have a clear offer or target market 
  • looking only for marketing or advertising copy 
YES! I want 32 pre-written social media ideas + copy templates every month

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