22 May 2021

Social selling isn't the same as selling on social media

social selling cheers

Last week, a prospective client asked "I don't like to talk about me on social media, can I still use your system?".

I replied without hesitation "rapide.ly is not for you".

If you want to market and sell on social media, the most important thing you can do is put yourself out there, and I wouldn't have done her any favors by telling her otherwise.

This is a mistake I see small business owners making over and over again on social media.

They only make "sales" posts without participating in the social side, and then are surprised that nobody is interested in their content!

They misunderstand the term social selling.

Social networks are incredible platforms for finding customers you might not have access to in real life.

But... many small business owners think that "social selling" is simply selling as they usually do, but on their social feeds.

It isn't.

❌ Social selling is not posting offers for your product or service on your feed, and spamming all your new followers with sales messages.

✅ Social selling is about using social media to find potential clients and accompany them on their customer journey by interacting with them and offering value so you become their obvious choice when they are ready to purchase.

🤔 If you want to "just sell" on social networks, you can run ad campaigns that lead back to your landing pages, but if you want to build relationships, you'll have to post varied and useful content that shares what makes "you" you.

⭐ At rapide.ly, we recommend having at least 50% engagement content, where you don't talk about your offers, but share useful information and more personal content about your business life.

You can find customers on social media. Just like you can meet them at the bar, but you can only make them an offer after you've had a drink together and they've shown interest in what you have to offer.


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