14 July 2022
How to Save Time When Creating your Social Media Content

If you ask any small business owner what their biggest challenge is when it comes to creating content for their social media, one of the top answers would be lack of time! Content creation is time consuming, there is no denying it. From coming up with ideas, creating scroll stopping graphics, writing impactful captions and […]

10 July 2022
5 Best Apps to Help you with your Social Media Content

You’re aware that Instagram is a great place for you to raise brand awareness, educate your audience and promote you products or services but the problem is, so does everybody else! With lots of competition and only seconds to grab attention, the pressure is on to create stand out content and stay consistent with your […]

4 July 2022
How to Sell with Instagram Stories

Want to know the best way to sell your products & services on Instagram? Through Instagram Stories! Whilst many put most if not all their efforts into selling in their feed posts, Instagram stories are in fact the best place to connect with your current followers (i.e. those who are already part of your audience […]

24 June 2022
What’s the best time to post on Instagram in 2022?

We all give careful thought to the content we’re posting as part of our social media strategy. We’ve got our content pillars, our brand tone of voice, calls to action – this all takes strategic thinking. But have you ever stopped to consider that the time you’re posting to Instagram is also highly strategic? Think […]

20 June 2022
10 ways to increase your Instagram engagement

Ever wondered why social media managers/coaches go on at such length about Instagram engagement? It’s with good reason; it is called SOCIAL media, after all, so being social and engaging with your audience plays a significant role in this type of digital marketing strategy. Your audience will thank you, the algorithm will thank you…and you […]

14 June 2022
Instagram Glossary - Learn how to speak the Instagram lingo like a pro!

Having an Instagram account for your business is just the beginning, to know how to reach new customers, build a community and grow your account, you have to start with the basics and understand the terminology. Whether you're totally new to Instagram or simply trying to get to grips with how it works, learning how […]

24 May 2022
How to get 1000 followers on Instagram without ads

Instagram has over one billion active users worldwide so for business owners, having an active presence on the platform is a no brainer as there is no doubt that your potential customers are hanging out on there. However, growing a big following on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. Growth can often be slow, frustrating and hard […]

22 May 2021
Social selling isn't the same as selling on social media

Last week, a prospective client asked "I don't like to talk about me on social media, can I still use your system?". I replied without hesitation "rapide.ly is not for you". If you want to market and sell on social media, the most important thing you can do is put yourself out there, and I wouldn't have […]

11 May 2021
TRAINING - finding your niche market

One of the best things you can do to reach a larger audience on social media is to target your future customers directly with the right message. But to achieve that, you need to know who and where they are what makes them pay attention to your content? There are a million possibilities, so you end […]

28 April 2021
12 questions to ask yourself when you are not getting as many subscribers as you'd like

"I get likes, but no new subscribers. What do you think is wrong? Would you have some advice for me, please? " This question was asked in our Facebook group this morning. I feel your pain my dear! I really do. It's tough to grow a real audience. Here's why. If you think about yourself, you […]

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