9 November 2023

Instagram Story: Unleash the Power of Comment Stickers in Your Stories!

Instagram has unveiled a game-changer for stories, and it's totally transforming how we engage our audience! Now, Instagram allows you to spotlight the most insightful comments by turning them into interactive stickers right in your stories.

Here's How to Feature a Comment in Your Instagram Story

Get ready to level up your Instagram story interactions with this cool new feature:

  • Selection and Navigation: Jump onto your Instagram account and pinpoint the post with the comment you want to highlight.
  • Sticker Activation: Swipe left on the comment and hit the "+" icon. Voila! You've got a new Instagram story with the comment as a snazzy sticker.
  • Customization: Tweak the sticker's size and position to make it blend seamlessly with your story's vibe.
  • Go Live: With your story looking sharp, share it out. Why not throw in a question sticker to get the conversation rolling around the comment? Watch the engagement soar!

Availability and Benefits of This Feature for Instagram Stories

Instagram is rolling this out gradually to all users, aiming to enrich the Instagram story experience by spotlighting the power of community interactions and feedback.

This tool hands brands and content creators a fresh way to spark conversations with their audience, emphasizing the value of two-way communication on the platform.

It also gives a nod to your loyal followers who consistently engage with your posts.

We urge you to grab this feature as soon as it hits your account. It's your chance to magnify your posts' impact and weave stronger connections with your audience through vibrant and interactive Instagram stories. Can't wait for you to try it out and see the magic happen! 🚀✨

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