21 July 2022

How to get more views on your Instagram Stories

Getting low views on your Instagram stories? Want to increase your overall engagement rate on Instagram? Well, you’re in the right place! Here, we are talking about all things engagement, why Instagram stories are so important and how to get more views on them. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why are Instagram stories so important?

Instagram stories are kind of a big deal for many reasons not least that they are key to engagement AND help influence people watching them make purchasing decisions. Over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day from their mobiles and of these people, one in three states they become more interested in products and brands after seeing them in stories. They are a great way to show off another side of your business, build deeper connections with your audience and create FOMO (fear of missing out!). But not only that, they boost your engagement, reach and help you sell! In short, Instagram stories should be an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Found at the very top of your newsfeed, many users go straight to stories before scrolling their feed as it shows the kind of fresh, up-to-date, engaging content that people want to see! They tell a different story to that of your feed posts and build deeper relationships with your audience. Those watching your stories tend to be your most engaged followers & people really invested in your story and brand and so they provide a great opportunity to sell. Stories are also key to being visible on Instagram and the more people that see and engage with your stories, the more likely they are to see your posts in their newsfeed too (thank you algorithm!).

Why are my story views so low?

Story views can fluctuate but if you’re experiencing consistently low story views or lower than normal, this could be for a variety of reasons including:

  • Your stories aren’t engaging or providing value to your audience.
  • You aren’t being consistent with posting stories.
  • Instagram isn’t pushing them out to your followers.
  • People aren’t engaging with them so they are at the back of the queue and don’t get seen by your audience.

All these factors are easy to sort so keep reading as we are spilling all the secrets…

 Increasing your story views

So, how do you get more people to view and engage with your stories? Here are our top tips for increasing your story views:

  1. Post story formats that encourage interaction and make feel people feel part of your brand! People love behind the scenes, images of yourself, your process, something you’re working on. People are nosey – give them a glimpse of what they want to see!
  2. Provide value – giving people exclusive tips and advice in stories is a great way of making people feel like they get a lot of value from your account and will keep them coming back for more.
  3. Use stickers! Stickers are the BEST way to bring people closer to your brand whilst giving your engagement a big boost! Any interaction from story stickers (poll, slider, comment box etc) gives Instagram’s algorithm a nudge to say that people are liking your story and to show it to more of your audience.
  4. Encourage likes. Did you know that you can now “like” an Instagram story? Yep! And encouraging your audience to like a story will again alert the algorithm and show it to more of your followers.
  5. Add Comments. Display your best comments or those who will spark conversations on your stories with this latest feature.
  6. Use videos in your stories. People love video content (hello reels!) so as well as static images, be sure to show off video content to capture attention, create intrigue and encourage people to keep watching.
  7. Be consistent with your stories. Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t like it when you disappear for long periods. When you do make a comeback, your stories (and feed posts) will likely not be shown to many of your followers as a result. So stay consistent and post stories regularly.

Our top tip to increase story views

We have a fab tip guaranteed to rocket your story views! Let your last story expire so you have no current stories showing, then the next day, post a photo of yourself with a poll or quiz sticker. This always works a treat to get your story to the front of the queue and give your engagement a boost. Definitely one to try out and use regularly!

So are you going to put any of these tips into action to revive your story views? Often overlooked, stories should form an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy and shouldn’t be forgotten. If you’re looking for engaging ideas for stories tailored to your industry, take a look at rapidely. We give you weekly ideas for stories and reels as well as post ideas and captions you can customise. Sign up here with our free trial to try it out for yourself!

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