5 September 2022

How to find your followers on Instagram

Building an engaged, loyal audience is everyone’s Instagram dream but reaching that goal isn’t always plain sailing! Finding followers on Instagram takes strategy, patience and perseverance. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Here, we are sharing 10 steps you need to take to find your tribe on Instagram. Let’s dive in!

      1. Know your target market

Defining your niche and understanding what content connects with your audience is the most important factor in attracting your target market. Take time to do market research to get a deep understanding into what your ideal clients problems & pain points are and what makes them tick! By understanding this, you will then be able to create content that solves their problems and speaks to them on a deeper level.

       2. Create super valuable and engaging content

Instagram’s algorithm uses signals to determine whether or not it is going to show your content to more people (likes, saves, time spent on a post, shares etc). That’s why it is so important to create content that is super valuable and engaging to your target market. The more they engage with it, the more chance there is of your content being pushed to more people just like your current audience! So make sure your content is useful or relatable to your ideal client, you always include a strong CTA (like this post, follow for more etc) and you have a strong visual and hook to grab attention.

      3. Optimise your page

When new people find your account, you want people to hit that follow button right? Well, making sure your bio and account makes a great first impression & is optimised to attract the right people is the first step. Make sure your bio is crystal clear, explains what you do, speaks to your ideal clients’ needs and has a strong call to action (e.g. follow me for tips) to encourage people to hit that follow button! Having helpful highlights, a clear profile image and strong branding will also help too.

      4. Interact with your audience

To attract new followers on Instagram, you sometimes have to go out and find them for yourself! Engagement is an important part of social media and a great way to make connections and be more visible to your ideal audience. So start commenting, liking, sharing and messaging with your target market and other accounts in your industry, you’ll soon see your reach and follower count start to go up.

      5. Be yourself

There’s only one you so showing up and being yourself is one of the best ways to stand out on Instagram. As the saying goes, people buy from people so being yourself will help people relate to you more, connect with your personality and build trust in your business.


       6. Hashtags

Although the importance of hashtags on Instagram has changed over the years, they are still a useful tool in helping you be discovered by new people looking for content just like yours. Our advice is to make sure your content is super valuable first and use a handful of hashtags relevant to your posts and industry to help give them a little boost and increase your chances of being found.

      7. Collaborate

Collaborating with another account similar to yours or within your industry is a great way to tap into another audience with whom you share a similar target market and get new eyes (and hopefully followers!) on your account. You could collab on an Instagram live, a reel or even a competition. The great thing about collaboration is it’s a win-win situation as you will both benefit and you also get to make friends and connections with new people!

      8. Competitions

Running a giveaway or a competition can be a great way to increase your follower count and reach a whole new group of people. However, we do advise deciding on your competition strategy wisely. While competitions can be great for a quick boost in followers, unless these followers are your ideal client and aligned with the content you put out, it may lead to lots of unfollows once the competition is over. So, keep your competitions relevant to your industry and target market and avoid being too general to ensure you attract the right people.

     9. Check your insights

Are you regularly checking your insights to see how your content & account is performing? Make a point of checking them monthly and noting what posts/reels/stories performed well and also stats on your audience like when they are online, gender, ages and where they are based. This information will help you learn more about your audience,  see what is resonating with them (and what isn’t) and plan future content accordingly.

     10. Use a variety of IG features

Sticking to just one content type isn’t going to help you grow and find new people. Instagram advise you use a variety of their features as the algorithm sees this favourably and encourages it to show your posts to more people. So create different types of content from reels to carousels, stories to Instagram lives and see what your audience likes best. TIP: reels are currently the best way to reach NEW people on Instagram so making them a central part of your strategy and posting them consistently will help get lots of new eyes on your page!


There you have it! 10 ways to help you find your ideal followers on Instagram. Remember, Instagram is a long game, there is no quick fix or easy route to grow your account. Take it day by day and be patient! If you are consistent and posting impactful content for your target market, you will get there! If you need a helping hand with content ideas tailored to your industry, check out rapidely. We give you your very own content calendar, captions created by an AI and tons of content ideas which you can customise to help keep you on track with your Instagram content and boost your engagement. Try now with our free trial here.

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