3 October 2022

Hidden settings to help you take control of your time on Instagram

Feeling a little lost on Instagram & not sure where to begin to take back control of the time you spend on there? You’re not alone! We are all guilty of scrolling aimlessly and achieving nothing at times. So how do you make sure you are making the most of your time on the app? Well, there are loads of hidden features on Instagram (that most people aren’t even aware exist!) that will help you stay on top of your account, manage your time better and help you take back control! Intrigued? Keep reading for our top 6 hidden features that we bet you didn’t know about.

  1.  Professional dashboard

Available to creator & business accounts, the Professional Dashboard is a central location where you can track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram. Accessed from your profile, our favourite part of the dashboard is the “Insights” where you will find lots of information about how your posts, reels & stories are performing, who is following you and how many people you have reached. This information can be filtered by dates so you can look back at particular timeframe of data (you can choose from Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days or Previous Month). This info is so useful to analyse your accounts performance and will help you plan future content. Within the dashboard you can also access Ad tools and other features that can help you make the most of your business account.

  1.  Time

Feel like your scrolling aimlessly on Instagram and not making the most of your time on the platform? Head to “Your Activity” from your profile menu and select the “Time Spent” option. Here you will be able to see the average time you’ve spent per day on the app in the last 7 days as well as tools to help you manage your time better. You can set a reminder to take breaks, set daily time limits and change your notification settings. This is a great feature to help you take back control of the time you spend on the app and make sure you are scrolling with intention.


  1.  Manage your content

Here’s a little timesaver for you. Want to be able to view & manage your content from one central place? Head to “Your Activity” and then “Photos and Videos” where you will be able to easily view, archive or delete posts from one place at the same time. Super quick & handy!

  1.  Interactions

Do you sometimes lose track of comments & likes you’ve received and given on Instagram? Your notifications accessed from your profile only go so far back so it can be easy to forget or lose track of interactions - especially if you have a lot of them! The good news is, there is actually a central place you can go to on the app to view & manage your comments, likes, story replies & reviews. Not only that but you can sort & filter them from newest to oldest, by author and by date. Head to “Your Activity” and then “Interactions” to see them all and manage them from this central location.


  1.  Saved Collections

So you might already know you can save posts & reels for you to look at later but did you know you can keep them organised in personalised “Collections”? Collections are like folders which you can name and then add posts & reels to them accordingly. This is a game changer to stay organised and save you time trying to find posts you’ve saved. To add a post to a collection tap the bookmark to save the post, you will then be prompted to “Save to Collection” and from there you can add it to an existing folder or create a new one. You could have a folder for “Instagram Advice”, “Canva Tips”. “Recipes” or “Outfit Inspo” for example.

  1.  Notifications

Sometimes having a million notifications popping up on your phone throughout the day is not only annoying but encourages you to be on the app more than you need to be! Your time on Instagram should be spent wisely so you can change your notification settings to stop or limit your notifications. Head to “Settings” then “Notifications”. From here you will be able to personalise your notification settings to a level you are happy with or even stop them altogether.


Did you know about these hidden features that will help you optimise your time on Instagram? Check out our recent Instagram post where you will find a couple more that might surprise you! Making the most of your time on the platform is so important to help grow your business and not waste time scrolling endlessly with no end result. If you’d like more help with taking control of your Instagram content, check out our membership here. We give you your very own content calendar, customisable captions, ideas for your stories and reels, international days and 100’s of quotes all of which help you to stay consistent & really make an impact on Instagram. Find out more & try it for FREE with our trial here.

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