30 May 2023

10 Content Tips to Engage your Target Audience

Stuck for content ideas that will really resonate with your target market and encourage them to not only engage with your posts, boosting your engagement rate but also encourage sales and enquires? Keep reading! We have 10 tips & content ideas to put into practice when creating your content that are guaranteed to help boost your Instagram engagement and speak directly to your target audience. 

1. Start a debate

People love a good debate, especially on social media! Take a controversial or popular topic related to your industry and ask your audience to share their thoughts or opinions in the comments. 

2. Add strong CTA’s

Don’t forget to add a strong CTA (call to action) to each of your posts. By instructing your audience to take action (e.g., like this post if you agree, DM for more info, comment below, save this post for later…) you will encourage engagement which the Instagram algorithm loves, and boost your engagement rate resulting in more eyes on your content. Winning! 

3. Use story stickers regularly

Another great way to give your engagement a boost and get your audience to be more interactive with your content is to use story stickers. These include the slider, countdown, comment box, poll and quiz sticker and when people interact with them, it gives a nudge to the algorithm that your audience is enjoying your content. 

4. Share valuable content 

While it’s tempting to simply promote your services and products on social media (that’s what you’re there to do after all right?), people don’t want to be sold to all the time. People want value. This can look different depending on the type of business you run but could include tips, advice, information, or inspirational/entertaining content.  

5. Share behind-the-scenes content

People are nosey by nature and love seeing the behind-the-scenes of a business. Use stories, reels and posts to give people a sneak peek into what makes your business work, your process and your life. It also helps to build trust and deeper connections with your audience. 

6. Start a challenge with your audience

This is a great way to encourage your audience to be part of your community and interact with the content you are putting out. Share a week-long challenge that will serve your audience in some way (e.g., increase your email subscribers in one week, improve your skin’s texture in just one week). It can also serve as a great way to drive people to your email list too. 

7. Post an impactful quote 

Quotes on Instagram are always popular. Depending on your target market and brand voice, you could share inspiring, funny or motivational quotes that your audience will love. They can be famous quotes or ones you have written yourself (you could ask our AI to come up with one for you!) . Make sure you encourage them to share it to their stories for even more reach!  

8. Be consistent 

Be consistent with your posting schedule. That way, your audience will not forget about you and your brand name will become instantly recognisable. Being consistent with your posting and messaging means people are more likely to build a relationship with your brand and buy into what you have to sell. Psst…did you know you can get a month’s worth of content ideas tailored to your brand in minutes in rapidely? 

9. Post relatable content  

One sure way to attract and engage your audience on social media is to post content that they relate to and can resonate with on a deep level. When you speak their language and to their thoughts & feelings, you create relationships and trust. Memes, GIF’s and vulnerable or personal content are a great way to do this. 

10. Have a strong strategy in place 

Without a strategy that identifies your target market, your goals and your content pillars, there’s almost no point in posting! You must have a solid strategy in place to understand who you are talking to and create engaging content. Not sure where to start with a strategy? Rapidely helps you build a custom one in minutes by answering just a few questions! 

So there you have it! Time to get to work and start work on building a strong content strategy and posting content that your audience will love! Want to save a ton of time when creating your content? Head to rapidely (it’s free) to build a custom strategy and generate tailored post ideas in a matter of minutes! 

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