9 November 2023
Instagram Story: Unleash the Power of Comment Stickers in Your Stories!

Instagram has unveiled a game-changer for stories, and it's totally transforming how we engage our audience! Now, Instagram allows you to spotlight the most insightful comments by turning them into interactive stickers right in your stories. Here's How to Feature a Comment in Your Instagram Story Get ready to level up your Instagram story interactions […]

9 October 2023
A complete guide to creating great Instagram reels

Reels are THE hottest trend on Instagram right now. They're dynamic, eye-catching, and instantly captivate your audience. If you want to boost your Instagram followers, there's no better format than this one! But how can you create Reels that really rock? Don't worry, we've got the answer in this comprehensive guide. We will spill all […]

24 August 2023
What is storytelling, and how to apply it in your social media strategy.

Imagine captivating your target audience, taking them on a fascinating journey, and leaving a memorable impression. That's where the magic of storytelling on social media lies. Through well-crafted narratives and boundless creativity, you can pique the interest of your audience and strengthen your online presence. In this article, we will explore various ways to use […]

18 July 2023
10 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools

Are you Social Media Manager or a small business owner running your own social accounts? If so, you will know just how overwhelming the list of tasks on your social media to-do list is! If you’re navigating the world of content creation, algorithms, captions, reels, engagement and hashtags, you’re in the right place! In this […]

10 July 2023
Everything you need to know about creating the perfect Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is arguably the most important part of your Instagram profile! Think of it like a digital business card which gives a brief outline of you & your business and gives a glimpse into what people can expect from your account. We have seconds to convert people into followers or to take action […]

28 June 2023
Social media KPIs: which metrics to track to measure how your content is performing

How do you know if your content is resonating with your target market? If it has performed well? If it is worth repurposing at a later stage? To find out all this information, you simply need to measure the effectiveness & performance of your content!To do this you need to analyse several metrics aka social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

22 June 2023
5 Best Alternatives to ChatGPT for Social Media Creators to try in 2023

ChatGPT is THE AI platform you hear anyone talking about. It can’t be denied that the tool has shaken things up by simplifying the lives of content creators. ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and in a nutshell, is chatbot technology that processes our natural human language and generates a response. In other words, you can ask ChatGPT […]

13 June 2023
How to deal with negative comments on Instagram

Life on social media can be hard and whether you are a business or an individual, sadly, negative comments can be commonplace. Whether it’s an unhappy customer, a misunderstanding or trolling, sadly it’s hard to avoid on socials today. For businesses, it can be detrimental to their brand image and leave a lasting impression on […]

8 June 2023
How does the Instagram Algorithm work?

It’s the question every business owner on Instagram wants to know – how does the Instagram algorithm work? Well, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri has taken to Instagram and the Instagram Blog to give an overview of how it really works. In this blog post, we are spilling all the tea on what you need to know to […]

30 May 2023
10 Content Tips to Engage your Target Audience

Stuck for content ideas that will really resonate with your target market and encourage them to not only engage with your posts, boosting your engagement rate but also encourage sales and enquires? Keep reading! We have 10 tips & content ideas to put into practice when creating your content that are guaranteed to help boost […]

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