10 July 2022

5 Best Apps to Help you with your Social Media Content

You’re aware that Instagram is a great place for you to raise brand awareness, educate your audience and promote you products or services but the problem is, so does everybody else! With lots of competition and only seconds to grab attention, the pressure is on to create stand out content and stay consistent with your posting schedule. It’s not an easy task! Thankfully there are loads of apps out there to help us out (pfew!). We’ve rounded up our 5 favourites to help you get started.

1. Content Ideas & Captions

The pressure to consistently come up with content ideas is real! It can be difficult to create fresh and interesting posts weekly that your audience actually want to see. That’s where rapide.ly comes in! Think of it like a content calendar aka your social media sidekick. With 60+ content ideas for your industry each month, impactful captions for you to customise AND story & reels ideas, you will never run out of things to talk about on socials. Fancy trying it out? We have a FREE trial so you can test it out and see if it’s for you.

2. Scroll Stopping Graphics

Canva is our go-to platform for designing stand out graphics for socials and more, we love it! The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create beautiful posts, it is very user friendly and they even give you 1,000’s of templates to choose from and customise for your brand. A no brainer for small business owners, Canva is free to use but we recommend upgrading to a PRO membership (only £10.99 per month) to unlock all the features, images and tools.

3. Finding the right Hashtags

We get it, hashtags are a bit of a minefield and their role on Instagram has evolved in reent years but they should still play an important role in your social media posts. Do you struggle to find the right ones for your niche so end up randomly picking them each time you post? Yep! We’ve all been there. Flick helps you have a strategy behind your hashtags by keeping them organised, finding the best ones to use for your content and providing in-depth analytics. It takes the guessing game out of selecting hashtags and helps to find ones that will drive reach, profile visits and engagement – yey!

4. Scheduling your Posts

Whether you manage multiple accounts or just one, planning and scheduling your content makes managing your social media content a whole lot easier. Trust us, if you don’t already scheduling your content will be a game changer for you helping you stay organised and freeing up precious time. Our favourites are Later or Facebook Business Suite but there are loads of other platforms out there that offer planning & scheduling capabilities so it’s a matter of finding the one that works for you.

5. Scheduling your Stories

While most scheduling tools allow you to schedule stories, Storrito is the only app that allows you to add interactive Instagram goodies like link stickers, hashtags, @usermentions, quiz stickers and polls to your stories as well as providing custom fonts, stock photos and the ability to upload your own GIFs. Pretty cool huh? Story stickers are the best way to boost your story engagement so being able to save time by scheduling your stories WITH stickers is a win-win in our book!

There really is a goldmine of programmes out there for all brands to help you with your content requirements. Which apps are your go-to when creating your content?
And if you’re looking speed up your content creation process even more, check out our recent Instagram post here for our top tips (don’t forget to save it for when you’re next creating your content).


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