28 November 2023

2024 Social Media Content Calendar | 2024 Social Media Holidays

All the social media holidays, hashtag holidays and celebrations you will need for 2024 in one place! Keep reading for your 2024 social media content calendar to help inspire you & plan your social media content for 2024.

Whether you’re a marketing manager, social media manager or business owner, social media holidays and hashtag dates are a great source of inspiration for content and a fun way of celebrating & connecting with your audience. These days however, there seems to be a social media holiday almost every day, it can be hard to keep track! So, keep scrolling for all the dates you will need for your 2024 content calendar (and a handy FREE download too so you don’t forget them!). You can use this menu below to jump to your desired month!

January Content Calendar
February Content Calendar
March Content Calendar
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What is a social media content calendar?

A social media content calendar is essentially a planner for all your social media content. It is an overview of key dates, ideas and celebrations organised by date. It can take the form of a spreadsheet, calendar or online platform (like rapidely!). It is a great place to list all the key dates that repeat every year, like holidays, international days, events and social media holidays. For social media managers and business owners, a content calendar allows you to stay organised, plan and keep on top of any dates that will resonate with your community. Maintaining a consistent social media presence isn’t easy! But a content calendar can help inspire you, stay active on socials and maintain engagement & relationships with your audience. Here we have listed all the dates you need for 2024, simply browse the monthly social media content calendars below to help you plan your content for the year!

January 2024 Content Calendar

Monthly themes: Veganuary, Mental Wellness Month, National Blood Donor Month, Dry January

❄️ Monday January 1: New Year’s Day, Bloody Mary Day, National Hangover Day
❄️ Tuesday January 2: World Introvert Day, Swiss Cheese Day, Science Fiction Day
❄️ Thursday January 4: World Braille Day, World Hypnotism Day, National Spaghetti Day
❄️ Saturday January 6: Apple Tree Day, Epiphany, National Cuddle Day
❄️ Sunday January 7: International Silly Walk Day
❄️ Monday January 8: World Typing Day
❄️ Tuesday January 9: International Choreographers Day
❄️ Wednesday January 10: National Clean Your Desk Day, Peculiar People Day
❄️ Thursday January 11: World Thank You Day
❄️ Saturday January 13: International Skeptics Day, Start of the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations
❄️ Sunday January 14: World Logic Day, International Male Chastity Day
❄️ Monday January 15: Wikipedia day, Blue Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Hat Day
❄️ Tuesday January 16: World Religion Day
❄️ Friday January 19: World Popcorn Day, Tin Can Day
❄️ Saturday January 20: Cheese Lovers’ Day, International Day of Acceptance
❄️ Sunday January 21: Granola Bar Day
❄️ Monday January 22: Hot Sauce Day
❄️ Tuesday January 23: Community Manager Appreciation Day
❄️ Wednesday January 24: International Day of Education, World Day of African and Afro-descendant Culture, Peanut Butter Day, National Compliment Day
❄️ Thursday January 25: Opposite Day, Irish coffee day
❄️ Friday January 26: National Spouses’ Day, World Environmental Education Day
❄️ Saturday January 27: International Port Wine Day
❄️ Sunday January 28: Data Privacy Day, International Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions, International LEGO Day
❄️ Monday January 29: Puzzle Day, World Automobile Day
❄️ Wednesday January 31: International Zebra Day, National Hot Chocolate Day

February 2024 Content Calendar
Month themes: Black History Month (USA & Canada), LGBT History Month

🎿 Thursday February 1: Dark Chocolate Day, Groundhog Day, Change your password day
🎿 Friday February 2: World Tutu Day, International Straw Free Day, Start of the 2024 6 Nations Tournament, Start of the 2024 World Swimming Championships
🎿 Sunday February 4: Grammy Awards, World Cancer Day, National Homemade Soup Day
🎿 Monday February 5: World Reiki Day for Animals, World Nutella Day
🎿 Tuesday February 6: Bob Marley’s Birthday, National Send a Card to a Friend
🎿 Thursday February 8: International Scotch Day, International Safer Internet Day
🎿 Friday February 9: International Greek Language Day, National Pizza Day
🎿 Saturday February 10: Chinese New Year, World Pulses Day, National Umbrella Day
🎿 Sunday February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Take out your guitar day, Super Bowl LVIII
🎿 Monday February 12: World Cinema Day
🎿 Tuesday February 13: Mardi Gras, Galentines Day, World Radio Day, World Marriage Day, Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day
🎿 Wednesday February 14: Valentine’s Day, International Book Donation Day
🎿 Thursday February 15: International Childhood Cancer Day, World Hippo Day
🎿 Friday February 16: International Syrah Day, Kyoto Protocol Day
🎿 Saturday February 17: Random Act of Kindness Day, World Human Spirit Day
🎿 Sunday February 18: International Asperger’s Day, World CSR Day
🎿 Monday February 19: International Whaling Day
🎿 Tuesday 20 February: World Day of Social Justice, Love Your Pet Day
🎿 Wednesday 21 February: International Tourist Guides Day
🎿 Thursday 22 February: World Day of Humility
🎿 Saturday 24 February: World Bartenders' Day
🎿 Sunday 25 February: World Bookmark Day
🎿 Monday 26 February: Tell a Fairy Tale Day
🎿 Tuesday 27 February: Pokémon Day, International Polar Bear Day, World NGO Day
🎿 Wednesday 28 February: World Rare Disease Day
🎿 Thursday 29 February - Leap year

March 2024 Content Calendar
Month Themes: Women’s History Month

🌷 Friday 1 March: World Compliments Day, World Candle Day, International Wheelchair Day, World Music Therapy Day
🌷 Saturday 2 March: Day of Happiness, Start of the 2024 Formula 1 season
🌷 Sunday 3 March: Grandmothers' Day, World Wildlife Day, Peach Blossom Day, International Day for the Rights of Sex Workers, International Wildlife Day
🌷 Monday 4 March: World Day of Prayer, World Day Against Obesity
🌷 Tuesday 5 March: Absinthe Day
🌷 Wednesday 6 March: World Sustainable Energy Day
🌷 Thursday 7 March - World Book Day (UK)
🌷 Friday 8 March: International Women's Day, Unique Names Day
🌷 Sunday 10 March: Ramadan, International Women Judges Day, 2024 Oscars
🌷 Monday 11 March: World Plumbing Day
🌷 Wednesday 13 March: International Planetarium Day
🌷 Thursday 14: International Mathematics Day, Pi Day
🌷 Friday 15 March: World Consumer Rights Day, International Day against Police Violence
🌷 Sunday 17 March: St Patrick's Day
🌷 Monday 18 March: World Recycling Day, World Sleep Day
🌷 Tuesday 19 March: International Customer Day, Mother’s Day (UK)
🌷 Wednesday 20 March: International Day of Happiness, International Day Without Meat, World Frog Day, International Astrology Day, World Flour Day
🌷 Thursday 21 March: Spring, International Tiramisu Day, World Down's Syndrome Day, World Surveyors Day, World Poetry Day
🌷 Friday 22 March: World Water Day
🌷 Saturday 23 March: World Meteorology Day, Puppy Day
🌷 Sunday 24 March: Housemates Day
🌷 Monday 25 March: International Waffle Day
🌷 Tuesday 26 March: Earth Hour
🌷 Wednesday 27 March: National Cheese Day, World Theatre Day
🌷 Friday 29 March: World Piano Day
🌷 Sunday 31 March: Easter

April 2024 Content Calendar

🐰 Monday 1 April: April Fools' Day
🐰 Tuesday 2 April: International Children's Book Day, World Autism Awareness Day
🐰 Thursday 4 April: International Carrot Day, World Rat Day
🐰 Sunday 7 April: World Health Day, International Beaver Day, Birthday of the internet
🐰 Tuesday 9 April: World Unicorn Day, Swiss Milk Day
🐰 Wednesday 10 April: World Homeopathy Day
🐰 Thursday 11 April: Most boring day
🐰 Friday 12 April: Coachella, World Hamster Day
🐰 Saturday 13 April: Scrabble Day
🐰 Sunday 14 April: International Day of Goalkeepers, Children with Alopecia Day, International Recruiters Day
🐰 Monday 15 April: World Art Day, World Leisure Day
🐰 Thursday 18 April: International Day of Monuments and Sites
🐰 Saturday 20 April: World Armwrestling Day
🐰 Sunday 21 April: World Creativity and Innovation Day
🐰 Monday 22 April: Earth Day
🐰 Tuesday 23 April: World Book Day (USA), English Language Day
🐰 Thursday 24 April: International Penguin Day
🐰 Friday 26 April: World Intellectual Property Day, International Pilots Day
🐰 Saturday 27 April - World Design Day
🐰 Sunday 28 April: Morse Code Day
🐰 Monday 29 April: International Dance Day
🐰 Tuesday 30 April: International Jazz Day, World Veterinary Day

May 2024 Content Calendar
Month themes: Mental Health Awareness (USA)

🌸 Wednesday 1 May: Labour Day, Lily of the Valley Day, International Day of Equality for Families, World Laughter Day
🌸 Thursday 2 May: Baby Day, International Harry Potter Day, World Password Day, World Asthma Day
🌸 Saturday 4 May: Star Wars Day, World Firefighters Day
🌸 Sunday 5 May: International Day of Midwives
🌸 Monday 6 May: International Management Accounting Day
🌸 Tuesday 7 May: Oceans Day, International Women's Motorcycle Day, World Athletics Day
🌸 Wednesday 8 May: End of the war in Europe and Victory in 1945, World Red Cross Day
🌸 Sunday 12 May: International Nurses Day, Mother’s Day (USA)
🌸 Monday 13 May: International Hummus Day
🌸 Tuesday 14 May: Start of the Cannes Film Festival, International Chihuahua Day
🌸 Wednesday 15 May: World Orthodontic Health Day
🌸 Thursday 16 May: International Day of Living Together in Peace
🌸 Saturday 18 May: International Museum Day
🌸 Sunday 19 May: Pentecost
🌸 Monday 20 May: World Bee Day, Endangered Species Day, Start of The French Open 2024
🌸 Tuesday 21 May: Tea Day, World Baking Day
🌸 Wednesday 22 May: World Goth Day
🌸 Thursday 23 May: World Turtle Day
🌸 Saturday 25 May: Wine Day, International Geek Day, World Tarot Day
🌸 Sunday 26 May: International Chardonnay Day
🌸 Tuesday 28 May: World Hunger Day
🌸 Wednesday 29 May: Composting Day
🌸 Friday 31 May: World No Tobacco Day

June 2024 Content Calendar
Month themes: Pride Month

🌞 Saturday 1 June: Parents' Day, World Milk Day, World Running Day
🌞 Sunday 2 June: Donut Day, International Consultants Day
🌞 Monday 3 June: World Bicycle Day
🌞 Tuesday 4 June: World Fertility Day
🌞 Wednesday 5 June: World Environment Day
🌞 Thursday 6 June: World Tetris Day
🌞 Saturday 8 June: World Ocean Day, Disability Night
🌞 Sunday 9 June: National Breakfast and Brunch Day
🌞 Monday 10 June: International Garden Gnome Day
🌞 Tuesday 11 June: World Wellness Day, World Gin Day
🌞 Wednesday 12 June: World Day Against Child Labour
🌞 Friday 14 June: Start of UEFA EURO 2024
🌞 Saturday 15 June: World Wind Day
🌞 Sunday 16 June: Father's Day
🌞 Monday 17 June: World Karate Day
🌞 Tuesday 18 June: International Surf Day
🌞 Friday 21 June: Summer, Music Day, International Yoga Day, International Lambrusco Day
🌞 Monday 24 June: World Young Doctors Day
🌞 Tuesday 25 June: International Day of Seafarers
🌞 Wednesday 26 June: Glastonbury begins
🌞 Thursday 27 June: International Pineapple Day
🌞 Friday 28 June: International Body Piercing Day
🌞 Saturday 29 June: Start of the Tour de France, Camera Day, World Day Against Pet Abandonment
🌞 Sunday 30 June: World Social Media Day

July 2024 Content Calendar

🎆 Monday 1 July: World Reggae Day, International Joke Day, Wimbledon begins
🎆 Tuesday 2 July: World Sports Journalists Day
🎆 Saturday 6 July: Kissing Day
🎆 Sunday 7 July: World Day of Forgiveness
🎆 Thursday 11 July: World Essential Oil Day
🎆 Saturday 13 July: International Rock and Roll Day
🎆 Wednesday 17 July: World Emoji Day
🎆 Thursday 18 July: World Listening Day, Nelson Mandela Day
🎆 Friday 19 July – Hot Dog Day
🎆 Saturday 20 July: International Cake Day, World Chess Day
🎆 Monday 22 July: World Mango Day
🎆 Wednesday 24 July: Cousins Day, Tequila Day
🎆 Friday 26 July: Start of the 2024 Olympics (Paris)
🎆 Monday 29 July: International Tiger Day
🎆 Tuesday 30 July: International Friendship Day
🎆 Wednesday 31 July - Avocado Day

August 2024 Content Calendar

🏖️ Thursday 1 August: World French Fry Day, Women Astronomers Day
🏖️ Friday 2 August: World Beer Day
🏖️ Tuesday 6 August: Sisters' Day, International Hangover Day
🏖️ Thursday 8 August: World Cat Day
🏖️Friday 9 August – Book Lovers Day
🏖️ Saturday 10 August: World Lion Day
🏖️ Monday 12 August: International Youth Day
🏖️ Tuesday 13 August: International Left-handers' Day
🏖️ Thursday 15 August: Assumption Day, Relaxation Day
🏖️ Monday 19 August: World Humanitarian Day, World Photography Day
🏖️ Wednesday 21 August: International Day of Remembrance
🏖️ Thursday 22 August: World Plant Milk Day
🏖️ Monday 26 August: World Dog Day
🏖️ Wednesday 28 August: Opening of the Paralympic Games
🏖️ Saturday 31 August: World Blog Day, International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

September 2024 Content Calendar
Month theme: Back to school, Autumn

🍁 Sunday 1 September: National Tofu Day, International Orchid Day
🍁 Monday 2 September: World Coconut Day
🍁 Wednesday 4 September: World Sexual Health Day
🍁 Thursday 5 September: International Charity Day, Amazon Rainforest Day
🍁 Saturday 7 September: World Beard Day, World Fair Play Day, World Talent Acquisition Day
🍁 Sunday 8 September: International Literacy Day
🍁 Monday 9 September: International Beauty Day, World Testers Day
🍁 Tuesday 10 September: World First Aid Day, International Make-up Day, Suicide Prevention Day
🍁 Friday 13 September: World Programmers and Web Developers Day, World Chocolate Day
🍁 Monday 16 September: World clean-up Day
🍁 Saturday 21 September: First day of Autumn, International Day of Peace, World Alzheimer's Day
🍁 Sunday 22 September: World Car Free Day, EU Organic Farming Day
🍁 Monday 23 September: Sign Language Day
🍁 Tuesday 24 September: World Gorilla Day, World Cancer Research Day, World Wasp Day
🍁 Wednesday 25 September: World Dream Day, World Rivers Day
🍁 Friday 27 September: World Tourism Day
🍁 Saturday 28 September: World Information Day
🍁 Sunday 29 September: World Maritime Day
🍁 Monday 30 September: International Podcast Day, World Pole Dance Day

October 2024 Content Calendar
Month themes: Black History Month (UK), Breast Cancer Awareness Month

🎃 Tuesday 1 October: World Coffee Day, World Postcard Day, World Vegetarian Day
🎃 Wednesday 2 October: World Farm Animal Day, International Day of Non-Violence
🎃 Thursday 3 October: World Habitat Day
🎃 Friday 4 October: World Animal Day
🎃 Saturday 5 October: World Teachers' Day
🎃 Sunday 6 October: Grandfathers' Day, Smile Day
🎃 Monday 7 October: World Metropolises Day, World Cotton Day
🎃 Tuesday 8 October: International Pinotage Day, International Migratory Bird Day
🎃 Wednesday 9 October: World Post Day
🎃 Thursday 10 October: World Mental Health Day, World Day against the Death Penalty
🎃 Saturday 12 October: Women Pharmacists Day
🎃 Monday 14 October: World Egg Day
🎃 Tuesday 15 October: World Singing Day, World Anatomy Day, International Archaeology Day, Global Handwashing Day
🎃 Wednesday 16 October: World Anaesthesia Day
🎃 Sunday 20 October: International Cooks Day, World Values Day, World Statistics Day
🎃 Tuesday 22 October: Godparents' Day
🎃 Thursday 24 October: United Nations Day
🎃 Friday 25 October: World Pasta Day, World Opera Day
🎃 Sunday 27 October: World Audiovisual Heritage Day
🎃 Monday 28 October: International Creole Language and Culture Day, World Judo Day
🎃 Thursday 31 October: Halloween

November 2024 Content Calendar
Month theme: Movember

🌰 Friday 1 November: World Vegan Day, Diwali, All Saints' Day
🌰 Saturday 2 November: World Fertility Day
🌰 Sunday 3 November: Kindness Day, International Day against Violence and Bullying at School
🌰 Tuesday 5 November: Bonfire Night (UK)
🌰 Wednesday 6 November: Paperless Day
🌰 Thursday 7 November: International Merlot Day
🌰 Friday 8 November: World Science Day for Peace and Development, Cappuccino Day, International Radiology Day
🌰 Saturday 9 November: World Adoption Day, Inventors' Day
🌰 Sunday 10 November: International Trainees' Day
🌰 Monday 11 November: International Energy Saving Day, Remembrance Day
🌰 Wednesday 13 November – World Kindness Day
🌰 Thursday 14 November: World Diabetes Day
🌰 Saturday 16 November: World Tolerance Day, International Flamenco Day
🌰 Tuesday 19 November: International Men’s Day, Women's Entrepreneurship Day
🌰 Wednesday 20 November: World Children's Rights Day
🌰 Thursday 21 November: World Television Day, World Fishing Day
🌰 Tuesday 26 November: World Olive Day
🌰 Thursday 28 November: Thanksgiving
🌰 Friday 29 November: Black Friday, Day of Generosity

December 2024 Content Calendar

🎄 Sunday 1 December: World Aids Day
🎄 Monday 2 December: Cyber Monday
🎄 Tuesday 3 December: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
🎄 Wednesday 4 December: Cookie Day, International Cheetah Day
🎄 Thursday 5 December: World Volunteer Day
🎄 Friday 6 December: Saint Nicolas Day
🎄 Sunday 8 December: World Climate Day, Festival of Lights
🎄 Monday 9 December: International Anti-Corruption Day, Christmas Card Day, World Techno Day
🎄 Tuesday 10 December: Human Rights Day, International Animal Rights Day, World Football Day, Nobel Prize Day
🎄 Wednesday 11 December: International Mountain Day, International Choir Day
🎄 Thursday 12 December: Christmas Jumper Day
🎄 Tuesday 16 December: World Digital Marketing Day
🎄 Friday 20 December: International Human Solidarity Day
🎄 Saturday 21 December: Winter begins
🎄 Wednesday 25 December: Christmas Day
🎄 Tuesday 31 December: New Year's Eve

There you have it! A year’s content calendar packed full of inspiration for your social media posts in 2024. Tip: don’t jump on every social media holiday there is – choose a few that are relevant to your industry & that will resonate with your audience.

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