17 October 2022

10 Engaging reels ideas WITHOUT showing your face

One of the biggest myths we hear with reels is that you have to show your face in them to be successful. False news! Sure, humanising your brand and showing your face to your followers builds connections and trust but some days, being camera ready just isn’t an option right (hello scruffy hair & no make-up!)? Showing your face can also feel scary and some people just aren’t comfortable doing it, which is totally understandable. It can take time to build up confidence to show yourself on your socials. The good news is, so many reels are successful (some even viral!) even when there is no face in them.

Stuck for ideas? We got you! Here are 10 super easy faceless reels ideas for you to try out for your business:

  1.  Show your workspace

Share a reel of your desk, workspace, shop or a project you are working on right now. You could do a workspace tour, mention your favourite tools, share your goals for the week or give your followers an inspiring message. People love to see what goes on behind the scenes so give them a glimpse of where you work & create your magic!

  1.  Product transition

Got some fabulous products to sell? Share a transition reel making your product(s) magically appear to a trending audio. We love a simple finger snap to make a product appear or the website magic trick where you show your product on your website & then make it appear in real life. Our top tip for transitions? Record in the reels editor on Instagram & use the timer & trimming tools to get the transitions & timings just right.

  1.  Share a photo as a reel

There are a few trending audio’s going round just now that simply require you to share a photo as a reel – so do just that! Share an image of your workspace, a new product or a sneak peek of something you’re working on. Super easy!

  1.  Stock video

If you’re a Canva user, you’ll have access to hundreds of stock video’s. Use one that relates to your business or that is aesthetically pleasing and pop some text over the top sharing a tip, some advice or a motivational message to your followers.

  1.  Timelapse

Working on a new product, creation or course? Share a timelapse video (a long video sped up) of you creating it without showing your face. This could be simply your hands on your computer or you making your creation. People love seeing a long process in just a few seconds, it’s so satisfying!

  1.  Voiceover

Share a tutorial your followers will find useful by using a video of the process and popping your voice explaining how to do it over the top. When creating a reel in Instagram, there is an option to add a voiceover in the music section of the reels editor! Tip: if you are an iPhone user, you can use your headphones as a mic to make sure your voice is super clear!

  1.  Pack an order

An oldie but a goodie! Who doesn’t love a pack an order video? Not only does it show off what products people are buying (and that people are buying from you!) but it also gives your audience a glimpse into how you package your products up and get them ready to send out to your lucky customers.

  1.  Vlog

Share a vlog of what you’ve been up to in your business that day/week/month by compiling lots of very short clips together. Use a “Template” from another users reel to make the process even easier as this allows you to use the same music and timing as the original reel, replacing the photos or video clips with your own. Tip: remember everything is content so take lots of small videos of what you get up to during your working day (could be as simple as making a coffee, replying to emails, posting your orders or taking the dog a walk).

  1.  ASMR

Haven’t jumped on the ASMR trend yet? Now is the time to join in! With no trending audio needed, ASMR (aka “brain massage”) involves you simply recording a task within your business and the sounds that go along with it. So satisfying and strangely addictive for those watching! Tip: make sure there is no background noise and the sounds are very clear for this to work effectively.

  1.  GIF’s

One of our favourites – share a meme or gif that your audience will find funny and relatable. A super easy way to tap into pop culture trends and make your audience smile. We usually find them on Canva but you can also find them on Giphy or Tenor too.

There you have it! 10 easy reels ideas to try out without having to show your face. If you’re looking for more tips on how to create a viral reel, take a look at our post – Checklist for a viral reel and if you want trending audio’s to go with these ideas, check out rapide.ly. Each week, we share the latest trending audios with you so you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself!

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